Summarised basic techniques of closed or semi-closed system of successful semi-intensive shrimp farming

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1. Pond embakment and in need bottom should be lined using good quality polythene so that external water can not enter in the pond through seapage.
2. Every 0.75 acre pond should have atleast 4 aerators. 
3.Pond bottom should be disinfected using BKC.
4. Pond water requires to be disinfected using @20 ppm active chlorine .
5. After one day chlorine used should be removed through aerators.
6. PL will be stocked should be checked through PCR and virous negative PL should be stocked.
7. If avalable SPF PL could be stocked.
8.Regular feeding and aeration at late night essential. 
9. Maintain biosecurity so that ponds are not contaminated by harmful virous and bacteria. 
10. Regularly use probiotics.
11. Water will be used for occasional water change or addition must be treated in reservoir pond. Regular water change or addition is not essential.
12. Harvest farmed shrimp.

Basic principal of the technique is virous or diseases free PL should be stocked in disease free pond and completing farming keeping strong biosecurity.
Semi-intensive shrimp farming can bring a revolutiony change in our annual shrimp production and economic development. Semi-intensive farming can be done in cases of different fishes.

Note: As I am retired so I try to dissiminate my knowledge and experiences through this social media. If anyone is benefited from my short writings then I will be highly satisfied.

Source: M Kabir Ahmed

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