Seed Selection Criteria for P. vannamei

Adv thuysan247

1. Choose post larvae preferably from SPF/SPR brood stock
2. PL of uniform size (10-12mm)
3. PL should posses large dark hepatopancreas
4. At PL stage of not less than 12 with proper gill development
5. Weight must be not <220PL/gm
6. PL should actively swim and must avoid centre under centrifugal force
7. Survival to stress tests (under salinity drop and Formalin stress) should be
8. No fouling or necrosis or any other appendage deformity
9. should posses MGR at 4:1 ration
10. Most importantly it should be PCR negative for viral infections such as WSSV, IMNV, IHHNV and also EMS.


Source: Aquaculture Times Magazine.

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