Effect of selected Bacillus sp. on growth of Artemia franciscana

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Study the effect of supplementation selective Bacillus sp. on the growth of Artemia fanciscana to improve the efficiency of biomass production of natural food was conducted.


The experiment included 4 treatments and 3 replications; in that (1) the control (no additional bacteria). (2) Additional mix of Bacillus B37 and B41, (3) additional Probiotic Pro-W. (4): additional Probiotic Inter-Pro. The density of additional Bacillus sp. was similar in all treatments (10^6 CFU/mL). Artemia density in culture bottle was 100L ind./500 mL. The results showed that the survival rate of Artemia in additional treatments B37+B41 obatained highest (88%) and was significant difference (p<0.05) compared to control (66.7%) or treatments with Pro-W and Inter-Pro; 72 % and 71.7%, respectively. The length and the number of offsprings/brood in Pro W was highest (11.3 mm, 216 embryos/reproductions) and difference (p<0.05) with B37+B41 (9.4 mm, 209.1 offsprings/brood). Percentage of males in control treatments (37.8%) was higher than in treatments with B37+B41 (31.8%), Inter-Pro (33.5%) and Pro-W (23.7%). Percentage of females in bacterial supplemented treatments was higher than control. Fluctuation of female in the control, Pro W, B37+41and Inter-pro treatment were 61.5%, 76.3%, 68.2% and 66.5%, respectively.

Source: Pham Thi Tuyet Ngan và Tran Suong Ngoc. Can Tho University

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